Magazine Cover

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I think i did a pretty good job on this. I have a good amount of information for people to read. I also put the date it was created on. I used a very descriptive photo of the locks opening on the Panama Canal. I also did a good job on showing a photo of the canal when it is under construction, not when it is already complete. I have a small description about what each group goes through.

I put low classed Afro Antillians because they did not have much. I used the leading Americans and Zonians on my cover because they were the most rich and the only groups in the gold role. I wrote fresh starting Arabs because the built their identity out of absolutely nothing. I put scuysidal Chinese because they missed their relatives and had such a bad experience and they ended up Killing Themselves. The jews made a big impact here and that is why I wrote the Impactful Jews.

I could still improve in some ways, I made the text a little bit hard to read, I should have put yellow or dark blue. I also could have tried to put the text on one side of the article so that people can still read  look at the picture.


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