Poetry Friday

Oscar, want to go to Trump?

I don’t know if my parents would let me,

Maybe tomorrow?

I rushed right up stairs to ask my mom

She mused about it for so long as I sat there,

We were two gravestones, silent, motionless.

I was aghast, still silent after the answer was revealed,

“I don’t want you to get robbed,”

“I don’t want you going without an adult.”

I was like a flower, but never watered.

My dad walked in

and as he said yes I was absolutely uplifted!

He encouraged it,

I was absolutely delighted

As I went out

Older than the day before.





My Tragic Bike Experience


Every Sunday from 6am-12pm they close Avenida Balboa. They do this so people can ride bikes and have fun there. The first time we went, we got a 4 person bike and we all rode on it, My parents, My brother, and I.

3 Quarters through the ride, I decided to put my foot on the footrest, which happened to be right on top of a wheel. My right foot slipped off of the footrest and into the wheel which forced my foot to turn 180º clockwise.

This fractured my foot so we drove to the hospital Immediately I ended up staying there for several hours and doing multiple X-Rays. They also gave me pain relieving medicine and crutches. It was about 4:30 by the time I got home.

It was 6 straight days I was unable to walk in, those days were Sunday to Saturday. I still went to school that week, I just needed crutches because I could not walk. Every school day, people rotated to help me go up and down the stairs at the school. That Saturday all I did was lay around.

I will always remember this because I have a scar from it. I also will remember this because it is the first time I have ever damaged a bone. It is an important memory because to this fay, I have never gone on a 4 person bike again. Even though this is one of my worse experiences, it still does not ruin my joy for riding a bike.

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Papa Who Wakes Up Tired in the Dark Homework

Papa is dead,” my dad uttered on one very dark night. He drove directly down the street in a rush just to tell me this. When I went into my room to sleep, I ended up staring at the ceiling, thinking about the hands that played ball with me, now cold and stiff.

I can just remember him playing with me in my grandparents apartment like it was last night. The maracas that he shook with me, now laying still by the window. The two musical sticks that he bangs into each other, which are now with him and the maracas. When I was playing with him he was always smiling and laughing with me.

This all happened until one devastating and he went to sleep one night in the hospital and ended up never waking up again. My dad told me that he kept trying and trying to wake him up with the other hospital attendants. My dad told me that he was opening Papa’s eyes saying “Papa, are you awake” and “Papa we miss you” and “Papa wake up”. Papa does not respond. Papa is still not awake. Papa, is asleep, asleep, actually asleep. My great grandfather had lived all the way from 1921 2008.

Esperanza First Job Diary

Dear Diary,

Today, I was getting my first job because I needed to make money because I do not have much and I need to go to a catholic high school. I really wanted to do this because I want to be smart just like Alicia. I also would like to go to the catholic high school because I want to get out of mango street. I even had to go to a social security office and get a social security card at a young age.

At first, I was very excited because I really wanted to get a job and work there. When I was at work, I was very nervous and did not really want to be around anyone at all. When it was time to eat lunch, I was so nervous and did not want any of the men and women to be looking at me so I ate in the bathroom. Even though this happened, I still try to fit in though.

When I finished with eating in the washroom, I was bored so I decided to just go to the coat room because there was a place to sit, and soon after that is when I found an Oriental Man. That man was talking to me for a little while, which made me feel less nervous. I was comfortable until he asked me for a birthday kiss. After he said that I thought for a few seconds and said why not.

When I was going to just slightly going to touch him on the cheek, he grabs my head and then kisses me hard on the lips. I was very uncomfortable with that situation, it made me more nervous about going to that job again. This event made me feel very uneasy and that is not part of my world right now.

Where Im From Poem

Image result for aquamare panama

Based off of the poem from George Ella Lyon.

I am from 

From TV and Board Games

I am from my balcony

(High, beautiful, and hearing the birds outside)

Filled with the falling pedals of a sunflower,

which reminds me of the sun,

brightness, and happiness.


I am From Erin’s constantly-used Treadmills

and Eddie’s amazing Tacos

I’m from the fast driving and traveling

From Luckiness and Kindness

I’m from a non religious family,

my Grandmother is the

only one that is religious.


From Miami, Hamburgers,

and Hot Dogs

From the story of

Charles Krauthammer,

who is now paralyzed

and the story of my

grandmother going through

poverty and then heading

the opposite direction.

From the tables and

plants beside the main

TV in our family room

Showing our lives and where

we came from.

Friendly letter to Cathy




Dear Cathy,

I do not appreciate the comments that you are saying, it is offensive to me and to other people. You also say a lot of rude and negative things to other people. You have very strong judgements to other people and all of your comments that you are saying about them are just negative. You are saying bad things about Joe, it is ok to tell someone that someone is dangerous, but it is a little bit negative to say just negative things and not say anything that is positive. He may not even be a baby grabber. Also about the corner store, how benny and blanca own it. You say negative thing about them and leaning on the candy counter, which shows that she is talking negative about them, maybe that they would attack you when you lean on the counter. I do see why someone would not like it if someone else was leaning on the candy counter, but you don’t need to get me involved with the negativity.


It was extremely rude when you called 2 girls raggedly as rats, and not knowing them. This is something that you would probably not tell anyone, it is okay if you are just thinking that to yourself, but you are just telling people that they are bad in front of me when I have no idea about them. Even if you are telling people, at least talk bad in front of them instead of just hiding it behind your back. I could become friends with them, you should not just tell me what your negative opinion about people is. I almost feel like you are trying to keep me away from these people. This is making me think of why you don’t really have friends and you only have cats as your friends. I recommend that you start saying more positive things about people instead of just negative prejudices, because I feel offended when you say some of them. It especially surprises me that you even were being mean to me, even though I do not think they they are very direct, It is still mean and offensive.


There still can be negativity though. Especially about Enda, how she used to own a building as big as a whale and did not want to sell it, her Mother said never to sell it, and as soon as she died, her brother sold it. I do see some negativity here, but there are many more positive things that you can say.

Magazine Cover

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 12.36.05 PM

I think i did a pretty good job on this. I have a good amount of information for people to read. I also put the date it was created on. I used a very descriptive photo of the locks opening on the Panama Canal. I also did a good job on showing a photo of the canal when it is under construction, not when it is already complete. I have a small description about what each group goes through.

I put low classed Afro Antillians because they did not have much. I used the leading Americans and Zonians on my cover because they were the most rich and the only groups in the gold role. I wrote fresh starting Arabs because the built their identity out of absolutely nothing. I put scuysidal Chinese because they missed their relatives and had such a bad experience and they ended up Killing Themselves. The jews made a big impact here and that is why I wrote the Impactful Jews.

I could still improve in some ways, I made the text a little bit hard to read, I should have put yellow or dark blue. I also could have tried to put the text on one side of the article so that people can still read  look at the picture.

Border Crossing Oscar Montes 7A


Image result for border crossing sign

I find this story very engaging because it has a very diverse story and it is not at all similar to what I have seen in other books. I could not really predict the future because the book has interlocking short events and it kind of confuses me by the flashbacks. And how the book Changed the time a lot. This made me a little bit confused and I had to look back a couple times. I disapprove of Cesi going to a different country just to find out about her family, I would never do this and I do not think that this is an appropriate way to find out about your family.

This story has interlocking short events, it could have show a lot more detail transitioning some of the events to each other. I do not think that some parts flow along very smoothly. I still think that The author greatly explored Cesis relationship with Nana and her interest in her dad’s side of the family. It shows a great symbol in this because she went to a whole different country just to find out about her dad’s` side, but she still does not say much about her moms side of the family.

It is profound how Cesi got caught when going to Mexico and still did not have a big reprocuctions or have her parents get mad at her. It seemed like thet were completely fine with the situation. Cesis dad reminds me of someone else’s dad who does not get mad easily or punish their child for doing the wrong thing, but at the end of the book Cesi ended up knowing much more about her dads side of the family. It still was interesting how Cesi got caught going to Mexico in such a unique way, I also am interested in the police going to search for her going to another country.

I would ask the author more about Cesis mom’s side of the family because the book does not say much about her side. This book shows me about some of the people’s nationality and what it means to them, for example: How Mexicans have a really nice room in their house with a bunch of pictures and statues of their relatives.

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