Personal Journal Entry TKAM

This entry is about Boo Radley not getting put in jail alongside negroes. So the situation was that Boo Radley was sitting down with scissors. His dad ended up walking by and Boo decided to stab him in the leg for absolutely no reason at all. For doing something like this, people would generally go to jail with no question about it.

Guess what! Boo Radley did not go to jail for one reason, he was not black. Apparently, because he is white, he does not have to go to jail. At the same time, I can imagine a black person doing the exact same thing and getting lynched for it. Boo still did get punished but it was not even close to as severe to what a black person would get. He was just locked in a courthouse basement for a short period of time.

Eventually, Mr. Radley (Boos Father) took him back from the courthouse basement. The only permanent punishment he has is that that will stick with him forever, and at come point, may come back to bite him.


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