Comparison of words to describe blacks in the 1900s

The expression Nigger is an unfavorable term used against Black people. The word was started from the Spanish word Niger and Negro which means a black, a racist term against black individuals. By the late 1800’s, especially in the Atlantic slave exchange, the word was utilized as a part of a deprecatory way, and frequently utilized as a racial slur against Black individuals. Nigger has frequently been utilized as an affront against individuals of African plunge. The word is greatly hostile and regularly not said unless one is expected to affront another. Asking to say the word nigger is basically the same as saying can I indirectly insult you?


The term ‘Nigger’ has advanced into  the word “Nigga”, and its use is considerably more well known among all societies today. It seems like a more respectful word that blacks use among themselves. Many of them say something like “hey my nigga” which he is referring to another black person as his friend.


Calling someone black does not mean anything negative, it is just a simple way of describing someone. If someone asks you about the color of someone you know, it is not considered offencive to say black. Unlike the word “nigger”,white people are allowed to say black without being rude/offencive.


The term, “African American” is usually how blacks are described today, and just like the word “black” it does not offend people. It appears that black people were trying to redefine themselves to African American from Negroe. The blacks did this to gain respect from people who called them negroes because the term, “negro” relates to the mistreatment of blacks.


The term negro is still negative because it is closely related to the slavery that blacks had to go through, and many whites called them negroes. It also is closely related to the mistreatment during the segregation of blacks and whites, usually when a restaurant does not want black people in their restaurant, they refer to them as negroes.


People being called colored reminds me about the segregation between blacks and whites. I think of it because when there were water fountains or bathrooms, it always said white and colored, it barely referred to the black people as anything besides colored. The only other alternatives were nigger and negro.


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