Was it Correct for Biloxi to Ban To Kill a Mockingbird


Very recently, a school district in Biloxi, Mississippi banned a book by the name of β€œTo Kill a Mockingbird.” They banned the book because it used the β€œN wordβ€œ in the text. It was banned due to the strong/mature language used in the book. Also these words make people very uncomfortable which Biloxi really took into consideration. I think that it is not as big of a deal as people are taking it, it is not like they removed it from the whole district, they just took it out of 8th grade and is still in the library. I see that Biloxi takes the “comfort” of theΒ  students very seriously, I see this because the main reason they removed the book is the use of “the N word.”

I feel that Biloxi may took it a little bit too far by removing it from the whole 8th grade curriculum instead of just censoring the word that made people uncomfortable by expurgating it. Expurgating is when you switch words to make it more appropriate. In my opinion, I think they could have given it to some students who were okay with the strong wording and give another book to the kids who could be offended by it, but I guess banning it would be much easier for them. In addition, it is the 21st most banned/challenged book within the last 10 years. Consequently, it will no longer be in their classes.

There are still positive things about the book, even though it still is the 21st most banned book in a decade, such as its quality. In fact this book is However, is β€œ regarded as a masterpiece of American Literature.” It also has extremely high ratings, from 3 main companies, (Common Sense Media, Amazon, Goodreads, and Dogo). The ratings of the book from them were: Β 5/5, 4.8/5, 4.3/5, and 4.9/5.

In conclusion, it is still in the library, even though it will not be in the school curriculum anymore. In my opinion, it is still okay that Biloxi did not include it and I do not exactly Β know why they made such a big deal for just not using a book in the 8th grade curriculum. I am wondering this so much because it is still in the library of the district, it’s not necessary to write a whole article and make it so popular just because they banned a book. I am personally excited to read this book, because it has many positives that I really look forward to.


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