My Tragic Bike Experience


Every Sunday from 6am-12pm they close Avenida Balboa. They do this so people can ride bikes and have fun there. The first time we went, we got a 4 person bike and we all rode on it, My parents, My brother, and I.

3 Quarters through the ride, I decided to put my foot on the footrest, which happened to be right on top of a wheel. My right foot slipped off of the footrest and into the wheel which forced my foot to turn 180º clockwise.

This fractured my foot so we drove to the hospital Immediately I ended up staying there for several hours and doing multiple X-Rays. They also gave me pain relieving medicine and crutches. It was about 4:30 by the time I got home.

It was 6 straight days I was unable to walk in, those days were Sunday to Saturday. I still went to school that week, I just needed crutches because I could not walk. Every school day, people rotated to help me go up and down the stairs at the school. That Saturday all I did was lay around.

I will always remember this because I have a scar from it. I also will remember this because it is the first time I have ever damaged a bone. It is an important memory because to this fay, I have never gone on a 4 person bike again. Even though this is one of my worse experiences, it still does not ruin my joy for riding a bike.

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