Esperanza First Job Diary

Dear Diary,

Today, I was getting my first job because I needed to make money because I do not have much and I need to go to a catholic high school. I really wanted to do this because I want to be smart just like Alicia. I also would like to go to the catholic high school because I want to get out of mango street. I even had to go to a social security office and get a social security card at a young age.

At first, I was very excited because I really wanted to get a job and work there. When I was at work, I was very nervous and did not really want to be around anyone at all. When it was time to eat lunch, I was so nervous and did not want any of the men and women to be looking at me so I ate in the bathroom. Even though this happened, I still try to fit in though.

When I finished with eating in the washroom, I was bored so I decided to just go to the coat room because there was a place to sit, and soon after that is when I found an Oriental Man. That man was talking to me for a little while, which made me feel less nervous. I was comfortable until he asked me for a birthday kiss. After he said that I thought for a few seconds and said why not.

When I was going to just slightly going to touch him on the cheek, he grabs my head and then kisses me hard on the lips. I was very uncomfortable with that situation, it made me more nervous about going to that job again. This event made me feel very uneasy and that is not part of my world right now.


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