Where Im From Poem

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Based off of the poem from George Ella Lyon.

I am from 

From TV and Board Games

I am from my balcony

(High, beautiful, and hearing the birds outside)

Filled with the falling pedals of a sunflower,

which reminds me of the sun,

brightness, and happiness.


I am From Erin’s constantly-used Treadmills

and Eddie’s amazing Tacos

I’m from the fast driving and traveling

From Luckiness and Kindness

I’m from a non religious family,

my Grandmother is the

only one that is religious.


From Miami, Hamburgers,

and Hot Dogs

From the story of

Charles Krauthammer,

who is now paralyzed

and the story of my

grandmother going through

poverty and then heading

the opposite direction.

From the tables and

plants beside the main

TV in our family room

Showing our lives and where

we came from.


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