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I think i did a pretty good job on this. I have a good amount of information for people to read. I also put the date it was created on. I used a very descriptive photo of the locks opening on the Panama Canal. I also did a good job on showing a photo of the canal when it is under construction, not when it is already complete. I have a small description about what each group goes through.

I put low classed Afro Antillians because they did not have much. I used the leading Americans and Zonians on my cover because they were the most rich and the only groups in the gold role. I wrote fresh starting Arabs because the built their identity out of absolutely nothing. I put scuysidal Chinese because they missed their relatives and had such a bad experience and they ended up Killing Themselves. The jews made a big impact here and that is why I wrote the Impactful Jews.

I could still improve in some ways, I made the text a little bit hard to read, I should have put yellow or dark blue. I also could have tried to put the text on one side of the article so that people can still read  look at the picture.


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  1. Oscar, you did very good but I would suggest to use other words instead of saying “I think, I did, I should, I could, etc”. Reading that a lot gets a little boring. You should’ve also explained more deeply what it was for you to make the cover, and what steps did you have to follow. Overall I think that your magazine is very cool and it shows social identity, just remember to make the text bigger so that it looks appropriate with the background and the consistency of the whole cover.

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