Border Crossing Oscar Montes 7A


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I find this story very engaging because it has a very diverse story and it is not at all similar to what I have seen in other books. I could not really predict the future because the book has interlocking short events and it kind of confuses me by the flashbacks. And how the book Changed the time a lot. This made me a little bit confused and I had to look back a couple times. I disapprove of Cesi going to a different country just to find out about her family, I would never do this and I do not think that this is an appropriate way to find out about your family.

This story has interlocking short events, it could have show a lot more detail transitioning some of the events to each other. I do not think that some parts flow along very smoothly. I still think that The author greatly explored Cesis relationship with Nana and her interest in her dad’s side of the family. It shows a great symbol in this because she went to a whole different country just to find out about her dad’s` side, but she still does not say much about her moms side of the family.

It is profound how Cesi got caught when going to Mexico and still did not have a big reprocuctions or have her parents get mad at her. It seemed like thet were completely fine with the situation. Cesis dad reminds me of someone else’s dad who does not get mad easily or punish their child for doing the wrong thing, but at the end of the book Cesi ended up knowing much more about her dads side of the family. It still was interesting how Cesi got caught going to Mexico in such a unique way, I also am interested in the police going to search for her going to another country.

I would ask the author more about Cesis mom’s side of the family because the book does not say much about her side. This book shows me about some of the people’s nationality and what it means to them, for example: How Mexicans have a really nice room in their house with a bunch of pictures and statues of their relatives.


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