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𝓦𝓸𝓻𝓭𝓼 𝓸𝓷 𝓦𝒆𝓭𝓷𝒆𝓼𝓭𝓪𝔂

Hurricane Irma is coming

right for our house in the keys, We heard!

It caused our beautiful day

to fall into darkness.

As soon as we heard about it we were devastated,

Afraid that our house would be dilapidated

and would need renovation

from the ripping and ruining

it was doing to houses.

The devastation turned us into stones stating straight

at the TV with the news on.

Afraid of having to renovate the destroyed house.

Until a bright light appeared,

someone sent us a picture of our house after,

no renovation was needed

and we were all relieved.


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𝓢𝓁𝒾𝒸𝑒 𝓞𝒻 𝓛𝒾𝒻𝑒

Oscar, Its time to wake up.

What time is it?


Every morning on school nights I have to wake up at 5:50 because I live in Punta Pacifica. Even though I wake up at 5:50, by the time I get out of bed it is around 6:00. The first thing I do is take a shower which has to be 10 minutes or less so I am not late for school. After I take a shower I put on my uniform and get ready for the day. By 6:20, I am already eating breakfast which can only last me up to 15 minutes because I brush my teeth and put my shoes on after, leading up to my leaving my building at 6:40, it takes so long because every day there is usually a lot of traffic in Panama at that time. I and up getting to school at 7:30 and by the time I’m in homeroom ready for first period it is around 7:35.

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Poetry Friday

Oscar, want to go to Trump?

I don’t know if my parents would let me,

Maybe tomorrow?

I rushed right up stairs to ask my mom

She mused about it for so long as I sat there,

We were two gravestones, silent, motionless.

I was aghast, still silent after the answer was revealed,

“I don’t want you to get robbed,”

“I don’t want you going without an adult.”

I was like a flower, but never watered.

My dad walked in

and as he said yes I was absolutely uplifted!

He encouraged it,

I was absolutely delighted

As I went out

Older than the day before.




My Tragic Bike Experience


Every Sunday from 6am-12pm they close Avenida Balboa. They do this so people can ride bikes and have fun there. The first time we went, we got a 4 person bike and we all rode on it, My parents, My brother, and I.

3 Quarters through the ride, I decided to put my foot on the footrest, which happened to be right on top of a wheel. My right foot slipped off of the footrest and into the wheel which forced my foot to turn 180º clockwise.

This fractured my foot so we drove to the hospital Immediately I ended up staying there for several hours and doing multiple X-Rays. They also gave me pain relieving medicine and crutches. It was about 4:30 by the time I got home.

It was 6 straight days I was unable to walk in, those days were Sunday to Saturday. I still went to school that week, I just needed crutches because I could not walk. Every school day, people rotated to help me go up and down the stairs at the school. That Saturday all I did was lay around.

I will always remember this because I have a scar from it. I also will remember this because it is the first time I have ever damaged a bone. It is an important memory because to this fay, I have never gone on a 4 person bike again. Even though this is one of my worse experiences, it still does not ruin my joy for riding a bike.

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Papa Who Wakes Up Tired in the Dark Homework

Papa is dead,” my dad uttered on one very dark night. He drove directly down the street in a rush just to tell me this. When I went into my room to sleep, I ended up staring at the ceiling, thinking about the hands that played ball with me, now cold and stiff.

I can just remember him playing with me in my grandparents apartment like it was last night. The maracas that he shook with me, now laying still by the window. The two musical sticks that he bangs into each other, which are now with him and the maracas. When I was playing with him he was always smiling and laughing with me.

This all happened until one devastating and he went to sleep one night in the hospital and ended up never waking up again. My dad told me that he kept trying and trying to wake him up with the other hospital attendants. My dad told me that he was opening Papa’s eyes saying “Papa, are you awake” and “Papa we miss you” and “Papa wake up”. Papa does not respond. Papa is still not awake. Papa, is asleep, asleep, actually asleep. My great grandfather had lived all the way from 1921 2008.

Esperanza First Job Diary

Dear Diary,

Today, I was getting my first job because I needed to make money because I do not have much and I need to go to a catholic high school. I really wanted to do this because I want to be smart just like Alicia. I also would like to go to the catholic high school because I want to get out of mango street. I even had to go to a social security office and get a social security card at a young age.

At first, I was very excited because I really wanted to get a job and work there. When I was at work, I was very nervous and did not really want to be around anyone at all. When it was time to eat lunch, I was so nervous and did not want any of the men and women to be looking at me so I ate in the bathroom. Even though this happened, I still try to fit in though.

When I finished with eating in the washroom, I was bored so I decided to just go to the coat room because there was a place to sit, and soon after that is when I found an Oriental Man. That man was talking to me for a little while, which made me feel less nervous. I was comfortable until he asked me for a birthday kiss. After he said that I thought for a few seconds and said why not.

When I was going to just slightly going to touch him on the cheek, he grabs my head and then kisses me hard on the lips. I was very uncomfortable with that situation, it made me more nervous about going to that job again. This event made me feel very uneasy and that is not part of my world right now.

Where Im From Poem

Image result for aquamare panama

Based off of the poem from George Ella Lyon.

I am from 

From TV and Board Games

I am from my balcony

(High, beautiful, and hearing the birds outside)

Filled with the falling pedals of a sunflower,

which reminds me of the sun,

brightness, and happiness.


I am From Erin’s constantly-used Treadmills

and Eddie’s amazing Tacos

I’m from the fast driving and traveling

From Luckiness and Kindness

I’m from a non religious family,

my Grandmother is the

only one that is religious.


From Miami, Hamburgers,

and Hot Dogs

From the story of

Charles Krauthammer,

who is now paralyzed

and the story of my

grandmother going through

poverty and then heading

the opposite direction.

From the tables and

plants beside the main

TV in our family room

Showing our lives and where

we came from.