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Near the end of the book To Kill a Mockingbird, there is a scene after the play that Scout was in. In that scene, Jem hears something nearby him which walked whenever he walked. They had no idea what it was but they did not seem to care very much. It was only until they realized that it was Mr.Ewell with a knife! He was threatening the kids until Boo Radley came and killed Mr.Ewell

Mr.Ewell wanted to kill the kids for only one reason, they were against his false, unnecessary accusation. The father of the kids is named Atticus, who was the defender of the case. Mr.Ewell was against him in the case so he decided that It was a good idea to kill the kids along with Tom Robbinson, who was the person who was falsely accused of rape.

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          In my opinion, I think it depends on the size of the fight and also what kind of fight it is. If it is just a little verbal disagreement that turns into an issue but not that big, you probably will remain friends. If it is a large sized physical fight and you end up hurting someone, there is a very high chance that you will never be friends again. Atticus was tolerating the insults that he was receiving. He did not find it enough to end any relationship with anyone. I think that just ignoring the insults is a very mature act of him. It is better to ignore it than to make yourself feel bad by letting yourself get affected by it. I can also see that Atticus is trying to spread this behavior to scout because she is young and does not understand that not letting it get to you works, she just thinks violence solves everything, but it does not. I would attempt to be like Atticus and not let anything negative impact me, but if I have to I will do something more significant about it, but never turn violent.


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Comparison of words to describe blacks in the 1900s

Nigger Lover insult


Personal Journal Entry TKAM

This entry is about Boo Radley not getting put in jail alongside negroes. So the situation was that Boo Radley was sitting down with scissors. His dad ended up walking by and Boo decided to stab him in the leg for absolutely no reason at all. For doing something like this, people would generally go to jail with no question about it.

Guess what! Boo Radley did not go to jail for one reason, he was not black. Apparently, because he is white, he does not have to go to jail. At the same time, I can imagine a black person doing the exact same thing and getting lynched for it. Boo still did get punished but it was not even close to as severe to what a black person would get. He was just locked in a courthouse basement for a short period of time.

Eventually, Mr. Radley (Boos Father) took him back from the courthouse basement. The only permanent punishment he has is that that will stick with him forever, and at come point, may come back to bite him.

Comparison of words to describe blacks in the 1900s

The expression Nigger is an unfavorable term used against Black people. The word was started from the Spanish word Niger and Negro which means a black, a racist term against black individuals. By the late 1800’s, especially in the Atlantic slave exchange, the word was utilized as a part of a deprecatory way, and frequently utilized as a racial slur against Black individuals. Nigger has frequently been utilized as an affront against individuals of African plunge. The word is greatly hostile and regularly not said unless one is expected to affront another. Asking to say the word nigger is basically the same as saying can I indirectly insult you?


The term ‘Nigger’ has advanced into  the word “Nigga”, and its use is considerably more well known among all societies today. It seems like a more respectful word that blacks use among themselves. Many of them say something like “hey my nigga” which he is referring to another black person as his friend.


Calling someone black does not mean anything negative, it is just a simple way of describing someone. If someone asks you about the color of someone you know, it is not considered offencive to say black. Unlike the word “nigger”,white people are allowed to say black without being rude/offencive.


The term, “African American” is usually how blacks are described today, and just like the word “black” it does not offend people. It appears that black people were trying to redefine themselves to African American from Negroe. The blacks did this to gain respect from people who called them negroes because the term, “negro” relates to the mistreatment of blacks.


The term negro is still negative because it is closely related to the slavery that blacks had to go through, and many whites called them negroes. It also is closely related to the mistreatment during the segregation of blacks and whites, usually when a restaurant does not want black people in their restaurant, they refer to them as negroes.


People being called colored reminds me about the segregation between blacks and whites. I think of it because when there were water fountains or bathrooms, it always said white and colored, it barely referred to the black people as anything besides colored. The only other alternatives were nigger and negro.

Writing From a Different Perspective – Chapter 15 – To Kill a Mockingbird

Perspective: Atticus

Good Night Scout, Jem, and Dill, Im going off to town for now. Behind his back, the 3 kids planned to follow him into town. When I arrive, Ill sit down in front of the Macomb jail and pick up the newspaper. Wait! Why are these 4 cars coming towards me? A group people are coming to me, hey how can I help you, I said. They responded saying, we are going to have to ask you to leave sir. NO! I said, then I see Scout, Jem, and Dill coming from next door. Jem go home I said, and he answered with a flat out no.

I see scout looking around at all of the men and she stops and stares at one of them in particular. I say, hey scout, why are you looking at him, she does not answer. I see her step forward and I say scout no! Scout starts talking to the man about his son being in her class, then I see all of the men start staring at him, ashamed, as he was Mr.Cunningham. I saw him bend over and start whispering to scout, I try to hear, and then Jem stopped me. After that, I see all of the men leave the area. I see Mr. Underwood standing nearby with a double barreled shotgun, and he asked me some questions, we talked for a little, and then I took my kids back home.


To Kill a Mockingbird “Nigger Lover” Insult

The meaning of this term is when a white person supports a black person. Atticus was the main victim of the insult because of his trail. Many kids in scout’s school were calling Atticus a “nigger lover” due to this. Even though the kids at school say it, it is most commonly heard from Miss Dubose, a sick old lady who always seems like they are trying to fight.

This insult is actually directed in 2 different paths, one to all of the black civilians and to the white person supporting them. At the time, the black people were treated bad enough and having someone call another person a “nigger lover” makes it even worse. It offends the white person because they are being pushed down and for just trying to help someone. The insult also becomes more powerful for the fact that it is directed to the exact same person very often, which will irritate them a lot. I think the insult could also be negative because there are 2 different groups of people and calling someone a “nigger lover” almost seems like they are being torn out of their high class and being classified negatively just for helping one of them.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Book Review

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Book Review

5/5 Stars ★★★★★


Sherman Alexie, the author of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is a Native American novelist/poet. He was born on October 7, 1966.


Just like Arnold, the main character, Sherman grew up on an Indian reservation called the Spokane Indian Reservation located in Wellpinit, Washington (exactly where Arnold grew up). Also, like Arnold, he was born with hydrocephalus. This is a condition when a person has water inside their skull.


This book is written like a novel, as are many other books by Sherman Alexie. It shows the progression of Arnold, the protagonist, throughout his coming of age. It also shows how he matures and grows in independence, even when going through the death of his sister and his grandma. As the story beings, Arnold only has one close friend on the reservation and his name is Rowdy. Arnold and Rowdy have been friends for their whole life. They both grew up on the same reservation and they also went to the same school. Rowdy helps him on his coming of age journey by protecting Arnold from everything. When Arnold is bullied by 30 year-old triplets, Rowdy wanted to stand up for him; so that night, Rowdy tests his boundaries and sneaks into the triplets tent and cuts off their braids.


On the Wellpinit reservation and school, Arnold shapes his individual identity, by becoming part of a collective/cultural group. It is difficult for Arnold to live on the reservation. He is surrounded by poverty and his education was of poor quality. Arnold lost his temper when he realizes that his school still uses the same textbooks that were used by his mother. To Arnold, this means the school doesn’t care about the Native Americans education. When Arnold loses his temper at the realization that the books he is using, are over 30 years old, he throws the book at Mr. P, the teacher. Arnold is suspended for this action. Mr. P visited Arnold at home and explained what he did wrong. Mr. P suggests that Arnold should change schools and go to Reardan, an all white school. Mr. P said that was the only way that Arnold could make anything positive of his life. Switching to Rearden means changing his identity, leaving his Native American culture, and breaking his friendship with Rowdy. This friendship became almost impossible to salvage.


In the beginning of the book, Arnold is a young, naive, immature 14 year old that does not realize his limitations. In one case, his dog, Oscar was sick and at the point of no return. If Oscar was not taken to a doctor, which could around 1,000 US dollars, he would certainly die. Since their money, class and socioeconomic status is very low, they could not afford to take the dog to the vet. Arnold’s father got involved in the situation by shooting the dog, putting it out of its misery. Arnold fights with his dad and attempts to force him to pay the money to save the dog, not realizing that he cannot even afford food. The dad gets the gun, and shoots the dog, killing it. Arnold gets extremely angry, but at the same time, he realizes that he is lucky that he has a chance at a better life. He choses not to be a drunk or drugs user like everyone around him. Arnold also went through several other problems due to his low socioeconomic status. One of them was losing his relationship with Penelope, his semi-girlfriend, this was because he went out with other kids to Reardan, and he had no money.

Arnold has many negative role models which could affect him. Arnold feels like it is a gift when his dad or mom comes home sober. They are almost always drunk, drinking alcohol all day. This family’s alcoholism causes Arnold to go through many sad events that a child should not have to deal with. For example, his sister died  in a fire because she was too drunk to wake up. She dies right after she was married and moved away to live in a “luxury” trailer. Eugene, Arnold’s fathers best friend, was not a positive role model because he was a all drunk and drove his motorcycle when he should not have. He put other people in danger by driving drunk. Eugene is shot in the parking lot of a 7-11. Arnold did not only have negative role models. Mr. P was a role model when he suggests that Arnold should go to Reardan to receive a higher quality education.


In the end, Arnolds coming of age is very different that it could have been as he goes through many experiences that were unplanned. He is a risk-taker and rebelled against his tribe, just to go to another school. He also seemed to partially restore his friendship by playing basketball with Rowdy, but this was only because the two of them were extremely bored and had nothing else to do. Unfortunately though, Arnold still experiences great losses, like his sister and grandma dying; but after all, Arnold grows up not having any drug or alcohol issues. He wanted to have a different life than the people who stayed on the reservation.


Was it Correct for Biloxi to Ban To Kill a Mockingbird


Very recently, a school district in Biloxi, Mississippi banned a book by the name of “To Kill a Mockingbird.” They banned the book because it used the “N word“ in the text. It was banned due to the strong/mature language used in the book. Also these words make people very uncomfortable which Biloxi really took into consideration. I think that it is not as big of a deal as people are taking it, it is not like they removed it from the whole district, they just took it out of 8th grade and is still in the library. I see that Biloxi takes the “comfort” of the  students very seriously, I see this because the main reason they removed the book is the use of “the N word.”

I feel that Biloxi may took it a little bit too far by removing it from the whole 8th grade curriculum instead of just censoring the word that made people uncomfortable by expurgating it. Expurgating is when you switch words to make it more appropriate. In my opinion, I think they could have given it to some students who were okay with the strong wording and give another book to the kids who could be offended by it, but I guess banning it would be much easier for them. In addition, it is the 21st most banned/challenged book within the last 10 years. Consequently, it will no longer be in their classes.

There are still positive things about the book, even though it still is the 21st most banned book in a decade, such as its quality. In fact this book is However, is “ regarded as a masterpiece of American Literature.” It also has extremely high ratings, from 3 main companies, (Common Sense Media, Amazon, Goodreads, and Dogo). The ratings of the book from them were:  5/5, 4.8/5, 4.3/5, and 4.9/5.

In conclusion, it is still in the library, even though it will not be in the school curriculum anymore. In my opinion, it is still okay that Biloxi did not include it and I do not exactly  know why they made such a big deal for just not using a book in the 8th grade curriculum. I am wondering this so much because it is still in the library of the district, it’s not necessary to write a whole article and make it so popular just because they banned a book. I am personally excited to read this book, because it has many positives that I really look forward to.

𝓦𝓸𝓻𝓭𝓼 𝓸𝓷 𝓦𝒆𝓭𝓷𝒆𝓼𝓭𝓪𝔂

Hurricane Irma is coming

right for our house in the keys, We heard!

It caused our beautiful day

to fall into darkness.

As soon as we heard about it we were devastated,

Afraid that our house would be dilapidated

and would need renovation

from the ripping and ruining

it was doing to houses.

The devastation turned us into stones stating straight

at the TV with the news on.

Afraid of having to renovate the destroyed house.

Until a bright light appeared,

someone sent us a picture of our house after,

no renovation was needed

and we were all relieved.


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𝓢𝓁𝒾𝒸𝑒 𝓞𝒻 𝓛𝒾𝒻𝑒

Oscar, Its time to wake up.

What time is it?


Every morning on school nights I have to wake up at 5:50 because I live in Punta Pacifica. Even though I wake up at 5:50, by the time I get out of bed it is around 6:00. The first thing I do is take a shower which has to be 10 minutes or less so I am not late for school. After I take a shower I put on my uniform and get ready for the day. By 6:20, I am already eating breakfast which can only last me up to 15 minutes because I brush my teeth and put my shoes on after, leading up to my leaving my building at 6:40, it takes so long because every day there is usually a lot of traffic in Panama at that time. I and up getting to school at 7:30 and by the time I’m in homeroom ready for first period it is around 7:35.

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